Campeggio La Vecchia Torre Gallipoli


Kale Polis: meaning the beautiful city. The name which the Greeks chose for Gallipoli contains the beauty of this city, which is divided between the mainland and a small island on which the old part of the town stands. This part of the town can still be reached by a 16th century bridge which leads you into the fascinating small streets of the old town.
Ancient town of fishermen and sailors, Gallipoli overlooks the Ionian Sea (of which Gallipoli in considered the pearl), its crystal clear water satisfies both sand and reef lovers. Most of the beaches lay near shaded pine forests where you can find a cool spot to relax or eat a snack.
Among the most beautiful monuments of this town you can certainly find the "Rivellino", the Greek Fountain, the Cathedral and the Coppola art gallery, named after a famous local artist from which the family that owns the camping Vecchia Torre descends.
The devotion of the town to the sea is clearly visible in various pagan and religious events such as the beautiful sea procession which takes place every year on 24th July, or the festival of Santa Cristina, patron Saint of Gallipoli.

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